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Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we’ve been serving our customers with quality products made by leading manufacturers, both domestic and foreign. We have been catering to clients in the United States and internationally.

Texas Pressure Connections

Products We Offer

  • Pressure vessel connections, long weld necks, intermediate and variable body nozzles, weld stubs, etc.
  • We offer flanges in all sizes, schedules, and classes, including a variety of weld necks, socket welds, and more.
  • A wide range of forgings and custom products like ring forgings, tube sheets, custom flanges per customer specs.
  • We supply weld fittings in all schedules and sizes, including caps, crosses, and return bends.
  • Branch connections/nipples & swages/forged steel fittings.
  • Our supplies include nipples and swages of all sizes, end combinations, and duel schedules.
  • Forged steel fittings include products like unions, plugs, and bushings.
  • Other products include hammer unions, cushion tees, and long sweep elbows, among others.
Texas Pressure Connections